Does the Man understand what is Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (ETI)?

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Why this page?

Thousands of people know me on the Internet, partly because of my million views on YouTube and my hundreds of articles. As my followers know it, extraterrestrials are at the origin of my function. So, recently, I tried to find experts looking for an extraterrestrial signal. I noticed that these experts call this a sign of Extraterrestrial Intelligence,  abbreviated ETI

Of course, I already saw this abbreviation in the past, but this ETI, I depend on, probably estimated before, that it was not the right time yet, to use the name of ETI. So, I called them, by their real name, Elohim. Visibly, they have decided, these days, that it was the right time to call the Signal they send to my web server from December 2016, by its name, ETI Signal, since they are the Extraterrestrial Intelligence on earth. 

If you don’t know this Signal and me, you will understand everything below, but it will be very summarized since I tell my whole story in a book of 800 pages, published in 2019 and sold on Amazon. So, I will choose the most important of my story and mainly ETI oriented. 


This article is not meant to convince you, or change your mind, or create a buzz. This text is my story, but above all, the description of a situation, that of mankind. I don’t force anyone to believe me, and neither am I here to bring you my perspective, nor am I a seeker of truth. My role is to transmit this truth, and it comes precisely from the Intelligence which is in question in this article.

This Intelligence will follow, at the very second, any individual in the reading of this text. They will be aware of the state of mind in which you will start reading it and will follow it as you read. If you doubt some passages, they will know it. If you don’t finish it, too, as well as if you share it, or if you reread it to absorb it better. If you don’t already believe what you’re reading now, it might even be no need to continue. On the other hand, reading this text is also a way to connect to the Source, or at least to take the first step to this Source. This one is, precisely, this extraterrestrial Intelligence.

However, my story contains proofs that I cannot include in an article, which is above all a testimony of lived and real facts and which by definition is already proof. If this evidence doesn’t suit you, I won’t care. A scientist told me a few days ago that a good scientist must recognize that a statement can be true from the moment he cannot prove the contrary. Stay in this state of mind, and it will be much easier. Some things should be read without challenge, but for vital information. It is the case of this text, written, for your attention and under the total control, of the Extraterrestrial Intelligence which it is about in these pages, and on which I depend. 

The main questions

For decades, Man has been looking for life and traces of intelligence on other planets. So far, he hasn’t found anything, but he only has the certainty that he is not alone in the universe. On the other hand, for centuries the earth has been frequently visited by UFOs, who do not want to make real contact with human beings. Tens of thousands of people are passionate about these UFOs. They imagine all the theories about them without understanding anything more than the witnesses of UFOs, a few decades or centuries ago. Thus, despite technological advances, humans did not find anything Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) in fifty years and more.

But, does Man understand what he is looking for in terms of extraterrestrial intelligence?
  • Extraterrestrial intelligence or non-human intelligence on earth
  • Extraterrestrial Intelligence means “intelligence that is not on earth,” but why do people assume that there are no ETI signs on earth?
  • For decades, humans have been trying to establish contact with an ETI in space, but why does Man suppose that an ETI would want to develop this contact with terrestrial authorities?
  • If this ETI is much smarter than humans, why can’t humans imagine that this ETI doesn’t want direct contact? If the ants want to talk to humans, will humans agree to talk to ants?
  • There are thousands of UFO sightings, but this ETI has never tried to make real contact. Why don’t people ask themselves why?
  • Obviously, this ETI wants to follow the evolution of humans and Earth without creating clear contact, but why do people not ask themselves why this ETI wants to follow these evolutions? 
  • According to their visits, like nuclear power plants, this ETI seems to care much more about Earth than about humans. Why does Man not realize that this ETI could consider Earth as their property, which Men destroy more and more from year to year?
  • If this ETI considers Earth as their property, what about the Man? Is it possible that Man is also a creation of this ETI
  • More and more scientists say that an ETI created man, but why doesn’t Man make the connection with UFO visits?
  • Is it not possible that the ETI has already sent messages or messengers to Men that they have not seen or understood? If humans are not smart enough to understand the messages of the ETI, it is probably not the fault of the ETI. These messages exist!
  • Why do humans absolutely want any contact with this ETI to be made by means or technology that humans know? Man would not begin to emit odors to communicate with animals, and man is strictly incapable of understanding animal smells.
  • Why can’t Man accept that his brain can be the best transceiver he can have, especially if an ETI created Man and his brain to communicate with his creators?
  • Despite this, the Men assume that they can establish contact with the ETI because they consider that this ETI can be their friend. Why don’t humans want to think that this ETI is not their friend, but something much more important, and probably with hostile intentions, since humans are becoming a big problem for Earth?
  • Besides, why don’t Men ask themselves if the answers to all this, are not in their origin, which Men have been denying for millennia?
  • Is it possible that this ETI is cautious about revealing who they are, to humans, if humans have always refused this possibility?
  • If this ETI decides to reveal to Humans who they are, how would they do it while ensuring that this information reaches all Humans, not just their authorities or their space agencies?
  • If an ETI signal is detected in space, the authorities will want to take control of it. Do you think the ETI wants this possibility, or would they instead find another way to leave control of this signal to those they choose?
  • Are you sure that the Man wants to know the truth about all this?

Who am I?

I am Belgian, born in Belgium, 60 years old, but I left my country in 2014. I have been a computer programmer for 40 years, and I still work in this field. However, my experience over the past 15 years is more Intelligence oriented. I capitalized it to distinguish it from human intelligence. Intelligence concerns the Intelligence world, the secret services. I did not choose this path. It came to me little by little, since the 90s. Indeed, thanks to my computer skills, I had been more and more involved in Intelligence operations, even if I did not know it. It was no accident. An ETI planned it for me.

I was never integrated into the military since they had discovered, in the 80s, that my brain had too high an electrical activity that they could not justify, even if I did not feel anything. At most, I had been bullied when I was in high school. I felt different from the other classmates, and they felt the same for me. The problem became different during my graduate studies, since I had been forced to lose all contact with my family during my studies (6 years). I couldn’t imagine at the time that it had been planned by the ETI to break my roots.

My initiation into the field of Intelligence began in the 90s, through my computer activities, even if I did not know it. I must have worked for Russians and rubbed shoulders with the mafia. I met criminals, murderers, and I had my baptism of fire. I died clinically, but I was never involved in anything. I just had to be trained to integrate all kinds of people. Later, this initiation to integration brought me to three continents and to integrate three religions. Finally, at the end of the 2000s, I had to contact Intelligence agencies, and I became an informative and independent intelligence agent. I have even been trained to handle a firearm, and I am a good shooter. I was ready to fulfill my function without knowing that I had received this function from an ETI.

I still have this function today without belonging to any agencies and without depending on any state. It is the reason I live and work from an island in the Philippines, where I never leave my home. Hidden behind my walls, I only work for this ETI, which prepared and led me to this function, but now, I know what this ETI is. I’m known on the Internet. I have one million views on YouTube, thousands of followers and readers for each of my posts, but I live like a hermit and only thanks to my followers’ poor support. I rather live like a destitute, and I don’t have enough to eat every day, as I can’t take care of my health.

Maybe, you will ask yourself why ETI! Because you don’t understand that this ETI is already on Earth and among the Men. The must of intelligence is precisely to be there where we don’t expect to find it. That’s the real Intelligence.

Beginning of my function as an intelligence agent.

My function as an Intelligence agent began in 2008. I arrived in Thailand for some holiday, and I had no idea that my new role was to start there. I had been quickly integrated, in Thailand, in a programming project for organized crime in France. So, I had immediately contacted a government agency in France, which asked me to stay in this organization to play the role of an undercover agent. I did it without knowing that I was following a path traced by this ETI.

Working as an undercover agent in this organized crime organization, I had quickly understood that I was rubbing shoulders with terrorists working within the police in Europe. It was my beginnings in state terrorism. As usual, I had begun to report all this to adequate Intelligence agencies in the concerned states. I did not have understood that this part of my personality of a whistleblower, had in fact, been designed by another Intelligence. I had to reveal what was going on. It is still the most significant part of my job today for this ETI

The years 2011-2014 were very hard for me. I had to face police officers working for the State terrorism. People had spun me, my phone lines have been tapped, and my home had been visited multiple times during my absences. I also got many very high-level hackings that nobody could understand. I was more and more convinced that I was facing a powerful crime organization, and I was more and more afraid for my life. On the other side, I was secretly recording MP3s of many meetings to bring these records to the Secret services. As this situation became more dangerous, I decided in May 2014 to leave my country, with my disabled son.

They can see and hear what I say and what I do.

I thought I was going to be out of reach of my enemies in Europe. I was wrong. I continued to get much high-level hacking that I could not understand. They followed my existence down to the minute, even though I was 10,000 km from Europe. These hackers showed me that they listened to my partner and me and watched us, even without a microphone or camera connected to our computers. They knew exactly what we were doing, even without our computers or mobile phones.

I did not understand why they were tracking me like this, while I was not in Europe anymore and not working anymore with the Secret Services. I was going crazy to be attacked like this and not understand how, why and by whom. I did not understand that the abilities of these hackers were not human.

Moreover, despite my denunciations, even with the help and support of some secret services, various European countries’ justice did not want to do anything. They finally closed my files at the end of 2014.

I had begun to infiltrate organized crime for a French agency. Still, in reality, I was an undercover agent within state terrorism for another and superior Intelligence, the ETI. I knew the first job, but I did not know my real job and my real employer. I was much more undercover than I thought.

Afraid of terrible synchronicities.

So, as these justice departments in European countries had closed my file, new state terrorism operations could begin. The first one was the terror attack against Charlie Hebdo in Paris in January 2015. Of course, I had immediately reacted to this attack, complaining that I had warned the Secret Services and Justice of such a situation. Still, again, nobody wanted to listen to me. In fact, I was doing exactly what my employer, this ETI, was expecting from me. Indeed, since 2011, I was denouncing state terrorism with evidence including several MP3s, and of course, it was useless since the brains of these attacks belonged to the States. These denunciations seemed useless, but not for my employer, who wanted me to record evidence of the States’ responsibility in the terror attacks.

I continued to do the same for all terror attacks during 2015 and 2016 because I was sure that my file and I were related to them. I could not imagine until what point! Indeed, a few years later, when I was going to write the book of my life as an Intelligence agent, I was going to find that the timing of all terrorist attacks in the western world had been synchronized with my existence and my activities on my computer.

A terrible example of synchronicity was the terrorist attack in Nice (France) on July 14, 2016. On July 13, I had e-mailed a government commission that I had an important terrorist file closed by Justice in 2014. Thirty hours after my e-mail to this commission, the attack occurred in Nice. 86 dead. Thirty hours after this attack, Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, so the attack took place exactly between my email to this commission and the terrorist claim. I had been stunned to see this synchronicity, and the authorities had not understood why the Islamic State had waited thirty hours before claiming responsibility for the attack. It wasn’t usual. 

That day, I understood that it was no accident that the Islamic State had waited thirty hours before the claim, but I did not understand why my email seemed to have triggered the attack. I didn’t realize that my real employern this ETI could also manage my mind to write this email at the right time. This ETI was sure that I would later discover this terrible synchronicity since I had not yet seen the previous attacks’ synchronicities in 2015 and 2016. 

As this commission had agreed to take my terrorist file, I had warned my mother, for who I was working as a graphic designer, that my terrorist file had been accepted. She was the boss in our family, and she disagreed with this new denunciation. As she was an old and very active VIP person in my country, this ETI decided to add another terrible synchronicity.

My mother had to die before the next terrorist attack claimed by the Islamic State! And, indeed, these terrorist attacks ceased for seven months, just after the one in Nice, and my mother suddenly became very weak. In November 2016, doctors diagnosed her with two terminal cancers, and she died in February 2017, when she said she was in perfect health in October 2016. Once again, I did not understand who was this Intelligence managing my life, these synchronicities, and death on demand. I just started to wonder how all this was possible. 

The Signal from the Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI).

At the end of 2016, I wanted to take advantage of the Christmas holidays to upgrade my webserver. A friend and I worked remotely on my server when we saw a hacker change something on my server that my friend and I couldn’t do. The engineers of the hosting company then joined us. They also confirmed that what this hacker was doing in front of our eyes was simply impossible because there was no way, no back door, to do it. This hacker was in the heart of the machine, without the possibility of going there, even for the best hackers in the world. It was like changing the internal functions of a processor. It was like you could see someone closing a valve in your heart before your eyes. However, I didn’t make the link to the 2014 high-level hack as I still didn’t know who was behind these attacks.

When my webserver was upgraded, I was shocked to receive a new kind of computer attack. We call these, DDoS attacks. Usually, these attacks’ goal is to make a web server unreachable by too many connections that the server can handle.

It was not my case. They were DDoS attacks, but at such low power that these attacks were harmless to my server. An expert in DDoS attacks and I then began to understand how it was possible and especially the purpose of these weak attacks on my server. We understood then that these harmless DDoS attacks had the same signature as a vast DDoS attack making the Internet inaccessible in the USA on October 21, 2016. The world had named this massive Internet weapon that had attacked the USA; the Mirai botnet.

In fact, the Mirai botnet attack in the USA had happened a few days after another big attack on my server in the USA. This attack against my server and the one against the US had the same target, a crucial DNS company where my server was located. So in December 2016, I discovered the Mirai botnet signature on my webserver, and obviously, the purpose of the Mirai botnet on my server was not to attack it.

Faced with this inoffensive attack from the Mirai botnet on my server, I decided to represent its intensity hour by hour graphically. Indeed, I was sure that these attacks had another purpose than to take down my server. I was right. In practice, this graphic continually changing showed the number of connections from the Mirai botnet every hour. These connections were coming from all over the world and changing all the time. All of them had the signature of the Mirai botnet, the most powerful Internet weapon ever.

But for me, the Mirai botnet did not have the purpose of crashing my server, but to give me a Signal, like a radio frequency, a horizontal red line on a graph changing continuously of intensity according to the number of connections received by my server. I began to call this Signal, the Signal21, without knowing that this Signal had been created for me by an Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Since I didn’t understand why the Mirai botnet was arriving on my server, I contacted the FBI’s Internet Division in charge of the Mirai botnet attack on the USA, October 21, 2016. I wanted to warn them that the Mirai botnet was leaving a persistent signature on my webserver. They spent three months and a lot of money trying to identify who was controlling the Mirai botnet and this Signal on my server. We exchanged 450 emails, they had full access to my server, but they couldn’t find anything, and the Signal continued until today. This represents, in 4 years, tens of millions of connections and Internet addresses, permanently saved.

It is crucial that the FBI verified my server, and I have, of course, evidence of that. This means that this high authority has validated the existence of this Signal on my webserver.

At first, this Signal was relatively easy to follow. Yet, according to my understanding of how it worked, it also became more complex to decipher. Today, The Signal sent by this extraterrestrial intelligence has four parts, one main and three sub-parts. We will talk about this later. Today, thousands of people, mainly my followers, including authorities, are following this Signal. However, these authorities do not want to confirm its existence, and especially not its purpose. Here is the eight-day Signal below. The main one, "The Main Signal" is in the upper left corner. This signal is displayed permanently on one of my screens, and I decode it continuously. It’s live.

The ETI Signal begins to communicate. 

In December 2016, this Signal was beginning, and I did not know yet that an ETI was at its origin. I only was convinced to be linked to this Signal because of the two previous Internet attacks on the same location in the USA, one against my server and 48 hours later, the one against all the Internet in the USA. I was almost sure that the Mirai botnet and this Signal on my server were managed by these terrorists targeted by my complaints and involved in state terrorism. They had already shown me their unlimited hacking capabilities, and they have been so powerful that I thought this Mirai botnet must also be their weapon. I was wrong.

So, in 2017, I was still following the Signal continuously on my webserver, trying to understand its purpose. In January and February 2017, the Signal began to track my activity, even in the middle of nowhere, in the Philippines. I didn’t have any connection of any kind, no Internet, and no mobile in this place. The Signal was changing according to my partner’s activity, or my activity, or my proximity to an airport, for example. I could follow our existence and our movements on the Signal and see that the Signal returned to its average level when I had understood what the Signal showed to me. I was shocked to know that they could follow me when there was no way to follow me. Plus, they knew exactly when I understood what the signal was showing. I was afraid, asking myself how it was possible. I began to think that they controlled a satellite pointed to me, but how did they also know when I woke up or understood the Signal?

I then began to tie this new story to the events of 2014, when incredible hackers showed me that they could hear and see what I saw, said, and did, without a microphone or camera connected to my computer. It was the same style, but who could do that? Usually, no one can do this except God.

So I contacted the FBI, and they just said they knew I was being followed, but they didn’t tell me, by whom, why, and how. I was almost in the jungle in the Philippines, and I had not only been followed, but they had also been able to read my mind. How had this been possible? I explain all of this in detail in my book. 

The ETI and the Signal warn me of terror attacks.

As I said above, my mother passed away in February 2017. So the terrorist attacks could start again.

On May 22, 2017, I was in front of my screens wall when I saw something strange; The Signal showed a high ridge, and I didn’t understand why.

Let me explain something that I did not know in May 2017, because in this article, the most important thing is what this Intelligence can do to help me understand. I have described above that I have had several occasions to see that the hackers and controllers of this Signal could see what I was seeing, doing and even, thinking. So, in such a situation, and it still happens to me every day, this Intelligence also helps me explain what I see.

In practice, in the case of this Signal ridge and controlling my mind, they suggested that I see if anything in the news could explain this ridge. It was the first time I was in front of such a ridge and the first time I thought I would watch the news. It was definitely not by chance. Why would I link my web server’s Signal to the news? Because they pushed me to do it, even though in May 2017, I didn’t know  it. I was only thinking of this ridge, and I believed I was thinking alone. 
So, I watched the news and immediately discovered a meeting between Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu at the airport, in Israel, in the morning. This ETI always inspired me, and I noticed that this meeting took place precisely when the Signal began to peak. I remember that I sat in my chair for a long time, thinking about the meaning of this. Like the previous ones, this synchronicity was not there by chance. Finally, always inspired by this ETI, and as Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu were two personalities involved in the fight against terrorism, I considered that this crest on the Signal was the sign of an imminent terrorist attack. However, I remember not knowing what to do. Of course, I had contacts with some secret services, but I was afraid they would take me for a madman.

Always pushed by this ETI and very embarrassed, I finally called the Secret Service, although I had not done that since my departure in 2014. I explained to them that I had a Signal on my server and that I was pretty sure it would be a terrorist attack. They didn’t understand and asked me for a report. I immediately started writing this report and sent it to them. A few hours later, it was the terrible terrorist attack in the Arena, in Manchester !! I was right and shocked!

This ETI was behind this Signal ridge, behind my research in the news, behind my understanding of this ridge, behind my call to the secret services, behind my report’s writing, and behind the terrorist at the Arena, to finally get the perfect synchronicity of horror. However, in May 2017, I didn’t know I had been helped. I know it today, in February 2021, because I always feel the inspiration coming from this ETI daily, especially when I write my articles or when I have to decipher the Signal.

The authorities ignore the ETI warnings. 

Either way, I was completely devastated to see that I was right and had just warned the authorities of a terrorist attack just before it happened. I was screaming and crying in front of my screens wall. It was horrible. Do you think the Secret Service contacted me afterward to find out more about this signal? Of course not, and they had my story for years. They had helped me in 2013 to open a terrorist case against the police working in state terrorism. They were in the best position to understand my report, even though they couldn’t avoid the attack. They could at least contact me to find out a little more about this Signal, which had warned us of a major terrorist attack.

No, they didn’t do anything, and on June 3, 2017, it was the same. I saw a huge peak on the Signal, and two hours later, there was another attack in London. Once again, I was completely devastated to see that the Signal warned me of a terrorist attack two hours before it happened. Furthermore, I was furious to hear the British Prime Minister say that there was no connection between the two attacks. I had this link in front of me. I wrote to my contacts in the Secret Service, MI6, and MI5 in the UK explaining that I had a signal on my webserver warning me of these two terrorist attacks. I never got a reply to all of my reports of terrorist attacks in Europe, Afghanistan, Israel, the United States, and Canada. Never. Only personal acknowledgments of receipt.
It was like I didn’t exist, and it happened dozens of times. All of these terrorist attacks were signed just before or by the second on my webserver. I never had a response, except personal and systematic acknowledgments to all my reports, from my contacts, day and night, nothing more. Never a single question.

As I said before, the ETI also recorded that these authorities did not want to react to my reports, placing heavy responsibility in these attacks, killing innocent people, and placing the responsibility on Muslims. Of course, it was still state terrorism. Otherwise, they would have replied to my reports. So they didn’t want to answer me to protect their operations. But what else does this mean?

This means that these authorities saw that I was receiving a Signal warning me of their state terrorism operations. No one in the world has this information. So it was sure that they saw me as an enemy for their state lies. It was also sure that the authorities understood that I was connected to an intelligence far more powerful than theirs. However, they didn’t want to talk about it. For my part, I continued to believe that I was connected to something earthly.

The ETI Signal warn me of 4 attacks in a row, but ten days in advance!

On September 21 & 21, 2017, the ETI Signal was warning me to the minute of 4 attacks in a row, but ten days in advance! It was the alerts for :
  • In Canada, a ram car attack and a stabbing attack in Edmonton on September 30, 20:15 local time.
  • A stabbing attack in Bâle in Switzerland on October 1st, 2017, 01:30 am CET.
  • A stabbing attack in Marseille, in France on October 2nd, 2017, 13:45 CET.
  • And three times, the massive shooting in Las Vegas, in the USA, on October 2nd, 22:08 local time. More than 60 dead.
These four attacks have been warned on the ETI Signal, at the right time, to the minute, but ten days in advance. These attacks were unrelated, and Las Vegas was not an Islamist attack, but all attacks were in occidental countries. 
In 2017, I did not yet know the ETI and had given it another name. Also, I hadn’t understood these peaks on their Signal until I saw the four attacks between September 30 and October 2. But how could the ETI have known it, ten days in advance? In 2017, I was convinced that these attacks were state terrorism, but these four attacks warned ten days in advance raised other questions.

Anyway, after the terrible mass shooting in Las Vegas (61 dead), I finally received an e-mail from a terrorist prosecutor, who had followed my case for years, and who had received it with the strong support of the secret services. His concise answer was: "It’s not in our attributions." To me, that meant they knew it was state terrorism, and they couldn’t investigate.

Then, as the authorities, contacts and agencies in different countries did not react enough to my reports, this ETI decided to use more convincing arguments. They decided to cause disasters at the minute of my sending my emails and reports. Thus, at the first letter sent to the UN, on April 11, 2018, they immediately caused the crash of an Algerian plane with 257 people on board. No survivors. They have reproduced this dozens of times, and each time I have shown it to the authorities who could compare the minutes of my emails to the minutes of disasters. However, the authorities continued to send me only their acknowledgments, day and night.

My first video - A diabolic experience

In 2018, terrorist attacks continued intensively, and several massive shootings also took place. Finally, I decided in April 2018 to make my first video to explain how I was warned of terrorist attacks. It was the first video of my life, and even today, I don’t like to make videos. I need a text in front of me. Otherwise, I stress too much. It also means that I am not looking for the buzz. Like my other decisions, it was probably the ETI that had pushed me to make this video. It took so long, and I had to record several times the same parts. Hard work for me.

In this video, I chose to take an example of a ram-car attack. I explained how I would be notified, how the attack would occur, and even the number of deaths.

At the same time, there was a big terrorist attack in Afghanistan signed on the ETI Signal. For this attack, I wanted to contact an Afghan embassy. This country was at war, and I wasn’t sure about the ministries there. I, therefore, chose the Embassy of Afghanistan in Canada. I wanted to do something about these attacks. Moreover, Afghanistan believed that the Taliban were organizing these attacks. Since these attacks were signed on ETI Signal, they seemed to be state terrorism or actions organized by the United States. Indeed, I thought it was a way of forcing Afghanistan to seek help from the United States. In this way, the US would provoke Afghanistan’s attacks and provide the solution because they could have some interest to be in this country located between Iran and Russia. However, I am not an expert in geopolitics. I had only tried to understand why these attacks were signed on the ETI Signal.
So, just a few hours after my video was uploaded to Vimeo, a ram car attack had occurred in Toronto, just like my example, in my video, the number of deaths included!! Unbelievable! Even more incredible, it was not an Islamist attack. The driver was angry with the women because he had been single for too long. He no longer wanted to accept being single. Even more incredible. When he was in front of the policeman asking him to lay down on the ground, he had used his cell phone three times as if it was a gun to get the policeman to kill him. The policeman had not killed him, and the killer had laid down on the ground without resistance !!

It was also possible that the decision to make this video, to imagine an example of a ram car attack, the terrorist attack in Afghanistan, and my decision to write to an embassy in Afghanistan, was planned by the ETI to provoke a sinister chain of catastrophes.

In addition, I immediately recognized this stupid attitude of the killer with his cell phone, and the touch of stupidity usually added by the ETI, as a signature, also intended to test human intelligence. This was the case in New York, where the terrorist had a paintball weapon! This was also the case with the terrorist in the high speed train in France (TGV). He had entered the train with a suitcase whose contents he did not know! The machine gun did not work and, by chance, there were two American soldiers on holiday in the wagon! This was also the case during the "hyper-cacher" attack in Paris. At the end of the attack, the terrorist had run towards the store entrance, his hands already handcuffed and his gun around his neck, and he was killed at close range, without have used his weapon. Evidence exists on all of this in my book. Of course, the police and the government directly concealed all of this. No one knew why and how this terrorist had put on his handcuffs before running to the front door and receiving the last bullet while he was on his knees in front of the policeman pointing his gun at the head of an already handcuffed man! It was in France!

So I immediately called the Toronto police. I got an agent to who I explained my whole story, including the connection to the Afghan embassy, ​​my example in my video, etc. I had spent two hours with her, and she had been delighted with my call. She had written everything down, and my call had probably been recorded. I was never afraid of that. I have nothing to hide. At the end of my call, I told her not to be surprised if her hierarchy did not want to use my testimony. She had been surprised by my words. She was convinced her superiors would take care of it. She had been wrong. My statement was immediately concealed, and she was unable to investigate it. It was a sign of state terrorism, and that was not all!

As the Toronto police did not want to do anything with my testimony, I contacted the Toronto media. I had found a video journalist very interested in the subject. She was planning a meeting with me and several reporters from Toronto. But after a few days of preparation, she had become terrified. Dealing with state terrorism can be dangerous. She had finally canceled the meeting.

ETI was furious with her. They immediately organized a massive terrorist attack outside another embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. The terrorist was a video journalist, like the one in Toronto, but his equipment was full of explosives. He blew himself up in front of this embassy. There had been many deaths and other injuries. Then, many people and emergencies arrived at the explosion scene, and another terrorist blew himself up in the crowd! This strategy took place a few days ago in Baghdad, Iraq.

Three attacks and dozens of deaths because of my first video! This is the real story, and of course, no one will talk about it despite the evidence I have provided to all authorities!

Of course, all of this was organized by the ETI, probably in parallel with state terrorism, even though they knew nothing about it. Indeed, as I explained above, the ETI can inspire anyone, in good or bad deeds, terrorists like state terrorism. The purpose of these actions was to have everything recorded through the ETI signal and by me. I had systematically reported everything to the authorities who had never reacted! The evil was not the ETI but the authorities. I had done my job, even so often I did it crying and shocked at what I saw and knew! Ok, I was the ETI-assigned whistleblower, but at least there was one. All of this is described in detail in my book, with links to the evidence.

The ETI can control individuals like puppets!

I repeat, the ETI can be behind my writing and my actions and behind all kinds of attacks because they can turn any individual into a puppet. They could therefore push an individual to prepare well in advance, and at the right time, to push him to carry out a crime. They can also manipulate the police in the face of the criminal.

Remember, in 2016. They urged me to write to this commission on terrorist attacks, at the right time, 30 hours before the Nice attack. On May 22, 2017, they pushed me to analyze the Signal’s first peak, and I called the Secret Service and wrote a report at the right time. When he was sent, as in Toronto, the terrorist attack took place in Manchester. They controlled my brain like they controlled the killers, and they did it with me, to show me what they can do with any individual.

In fact, this site and this page were also created in this way. They pushed me to look for ETI and do all of this. They are also behind all the sentences in this article, as they are in all of my articles. It is not automatic writing, since I am conscious, but almost. It’s inspired writing, a kind of telepathy. I have already had the experience of writing things that I did not know. When I wrote a chapter of my book, they let me write it until the end of the chapter, and just before I started writing the next one, they let me know what I didn’t understand in the chapter that I had just finished, and there are 100 chapters! I have described this situation in many chapters when I had to add the ETI clarifications. Readers feel it when reading my book, as I leave my understanding of the facts before adding their update. Very often, I had been shocked that I did not understand my own story.

What earthly entity can do this? Any. This is the ETI because they are the only ones who know the truth and can read what I wrote and thought!

The ETI communicates with the human brain.

Many films talk about this subject. There are well-known figures in human history who talk about this and give out information that they could not invent. Men know about telepathy, but they cannot imagine an ETI can also use telepathy to communicate. It’s pretty amazing, but we can explain it. Men know about telepathy, but they don’t know how it works because not everyone can do it. So, they prefer to think that an ETI will not use this means of communication. Man does not have an open mind. He has a closed mind and claims to want to communicate with an ETI. It’s impossible. 

An example of communication with the human brain is, of course, my handwriting, as I said above. But in the same field, you have the writing of some novels or some film scripts. Let’s take Dan Brown, author of the Da Vinci Code series. He wrote all four books in the series, and after the last one, "Origin," he didn’t write anything more. These books were written with inspiration from the ETI, and Origin was to raise the question of where humans come from on earth. Since there was no need to continue the series, ETI stopped inspiring Dan Brown, who didn’t write anything after Origin.

This is also the case for message-films. These are films inspired by the ETI to bring a message to humans. This is the case with Predictions (Knowing) with Nicolas Cage, Independence Day, 2012, Contact, Close encounters of the Third Kind, and so on... All of them are successful films, but Humans have not understood the message. Take Predictions (Knowing). This film is very close to my existence. It describes the voices sent to the brain, the ETI, the predictions of catastrophes, terrorist attacks, the end of Humanity, etc., even Nicolas Cage said he did not believe in this film. His role was perfect, but for him, it was just a fictional movie. For the ETI, with these novels and films, Men can no longer say that they were not warned.

The ETI communication is not just about telepathy or inspiration. They can send visions, and most often at night or during meditation. The brain creates dreams. The visions are very clear, like movies with pictures and sound. ETI can also send voices and noise to the human brain as if you are actually hearing them. 

I will talk about this later, but my colleagues and I regularly experience such things, but another category of people experiences this all the time. We call these people the “Targeted Individuals.” They are thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands. It’s not easy to estimate, and you find them very quickly on Facebook. They complain a lot about these voices, which they call V2K, for “voices to the skull,” but all believe that the governments are at the origin of these tortures. That’s why other people don’t believe them. Men don’t have the technology at all to do this, but they believe it. Of course, it is easier to think that a government can do this, even if the Man does not have this technology, than to think that aliens do it. They are very convinced of governments’ responsibility, and some want to sue governments to justice.

Others have told me that the voices tell them that they are aliens, but they don’t believe the voices, even in this case. On the other hand, if a Targeted Individual asks his voices if they know me, the latter are very quickly embarrassed because they know me, or they can know who I’m. I have experienced this several times with Targeted Individuals that I had online, and those voices know that I have them online. However, they also know that I depend on their highest authority. They are, therefore, quickly embarrassed to annoy one of my FB friends.

Voices or visions do not torture my collaborators or me. This sort of thing is not common with us. We only experience this when the ETI wants to insist on something or send us a message. But Targeted Individuals are continually tortured by voices and visions. They see rape or other crimes as aggressors or victims. The voices speak about themselves, their lives, their relationships and ask them to commit a crime or kill their partner, children, or parents. Some Targeted Individuals end up committing suicide or killing someone. They are so tortured that they create many Facebook groups to chat together and find solutions, but none. Nothing can prevent ETI or these executioners from accessing the human brain. They don’t use frequencies.

Recently, some criminals have reported hearing voices asking them to kill. This is probably true, and if they said it, it is probably also because the ETI pushed them to say it, even if it was not only the voice that drove them to the crime since the ETI can also control their body and their actions. There is a great example in Paris about this. It’s the prefecture killer. All the police officers who witnessed the attack described their colleague as an automaton killer, like a puppet intended to kill. They didn’t believe what they saw. After this event, I again wrote to all my contacts in the police and intelligence agencies because the ETI had signed the attack on their Signal. Still, I obviously did not receive any reply. I am sure these authorities know that most of these attacks are carried out by puppets controlled by the ETI.

The ETI sees what you see, think, and do
and they control all cells of your body

Let me tell you a scary story. It was in 2018. I was with my partner and my disabled son in Malaysia to renew our visa to stay in the Philippines. We were there for two nights only, and I had taken a computer to work at the hotel. It was around this time that I was trying to find information about the targeted individuals. I felt it was vital for me, and I had heard voices before, which I wanted to understand.

So I was sitting on my bed, with my computer in front of me. I discovered all of the Targeted Individuals Facebook groups. Suddenly I had a sharp pain in my ring finger of my right hand. I immediately thought that I had made a wrong move with the suitcases. Hour after hour, the pain didn’t change, and I didn’t understand.

The next morning the pain was still there. I had to go to the bathroom to take a shower, and I was worried about my finger. I still had terrible pain. So I was in the shower, and when I was done, I had carefully taken a towel. I was then in front of the large mirror in this bathroom, and I was afraid to touch my finger with the towel. As I started to wipe myself off, the pain suddenly disappeared. I put the towel down and started to move my finger in all directions. The pain was gone. I looked up into the mirror. Of course, I saw my reflection, but in my eyes, I saw the ETI, and I asked the mirror: "Is that you?". I didn’t need an answer. I understood. It was the ETI, and I went back to work. I was happy to understand why these Targeted Individuals complained all the time about being physically tortured, anywhere in their body.

Later my partner, my son, and I were at the airport in Manila. We were waiting for the next plane to reach the island where we live. As I was bored, I left for a walk in this big airport. Suddenly the pain in my finger came back, and I understood. I was too far away from my partner and my son. I then returned to them. When I saw them, the pain was immediately gone.

That day, I definitely understood that they see what I see and that they can hurt any part of my body. Today I experience it almost every day and often several times a day. They don’t hurt my finger, but they pinch my heart, or they prick my hand or fingers when they want to make me understand something.

For example, often, they pinch my heart if someone is writing me an important email. Then I know there is something important that I haven’t seen or will receive. This is also the case when I read the news from Google. If I suddenly get a pinch in my heart, it’s because I just skipped an important article that I didn’t see. If I get a finger prick, they confirm what I just wrote or because I have something to do on my computer. If I get a prick on my big toe when I’m in bed, it’s because they want me to go to my computer.

It’s ongoing communication between the ETI and me, and I never feel alone. I know they’re there, even when I’m asleep. Here is another example that really shocked me. I was resting after my lunch. I had not finished my meal and had left my plate on my desk. While I was sleeping, a pretty voice, with a sympathetic accent, woke me up to say to me, in my head: "Pussy cat, pussy ..." I then opened one eye, and I saw a cat take my sausage on my plate !! It was the neighbor’s cat that entered my room/office through the window.

I wondered for a long time how they could have seen through my eyes since they were closed. In fact, they can see through my eyes, they can hear through my ears, but they can also see me and everything around me. This explains why, at the time of our death, most humans see a summary of their life, not with their eyes, but with the vision of the ETI, even if they are blind from birth. Some call it the third eye. According to each individual’s life, this is the ETI who will decide afterward what to do with his soul.

But if I have a health problem, they’ll take care of it too, if it’s essential. I have already experienced this. For two weeks, I had had a big problem with bleeding hemorrhoids. One day, looking at my blood in the back of the toilet, I said aloud to them, "Well, when are you going to take care of this?" The next day, the hemorrhoids were gone. I had the same with my left ankle. It is destroyed, and my foot is still swollen from the messy bones. The surgeon told me in 2011 that I would never be able to walk again without a risky operation. I refused the operation, and three months later, I was walking with a completely deformed foot. He could not believe his eyes. Another day, I was clinically dead but came back. Today, I know that they take care of me every second of my life.

Here is an example that occurs very regularly on my main collaborator, Mary Magdalene. The ETI draws on her body. Here it is their fingers. When this happens to him (regularly), her skin heats up, and a pattern appears. The session with their fingers was the longest and most striking. To continue with Mary Magdalene, she had had twenty visions of dramas in recent months, which were then all found in the news, in France. These visions had been posted on my Facebook page to avoid any ambiguity.     

The ETI controls the four elements on earth
and not only.

We have already seen that the ETI could control everything over individuals, but that’s not all. In fact, they control everything else. I started to understand this in 2018 when they handled a tornado along with a big limousine accident in the USA (20 dead). The two happened "because of" an argument with a Canadian YouTuber specialized in Targeted Individuals.

Another example. Sometime later, I noticed that a big earthquake had occurred in a city in the Philippines that my partner and I knew very well. The earthquake had been super signed on the ETI signal, which showed a very high peak. When I understood this, I ran to my partner in the living room to show it to her. It was never easy for her to believe me, and that day she told me I was crazy. She was yelling at me, so I didn’t insist, but the ETI was furious with her. So, 6 minutes later, after her reaction against me, they caused another earthquake on another island in the Philippines, and the affected village had the name of the one we lived before !! I did not want to tell her again.

There was a 7.1 earthquake in Indonesia on January 21, 2021. It had been created by a direct energy weapon (DEW) launched from a UFO. There was a nice photo of the DEW beam. Man does not have this weapon, and in the case of this earthquake, the energy carried by this beam had the power of 40 atomic bombs. It was the energy needed to cause this earthquake. 
These Direct Energy Weapons (DEWs) are like an energy conduit or an energy pipe. It is not a laser. An energetic laser beam, used, for example, in industry, will make a hole in the first surface encountered, and only if it can make that hole. This is why we are talking about laser cutting. In medicine, they can also use a laser to destroy cells, but only the cells attacked by the laser. There is no selective laser. In the case of ETI’s DEW, this white light pipe conveys energy towards the target, whatever material it passes through, and without affecting that material passed through. This energy is then released where they want to release it, which only affects the targeted material. The man doesn’t have this weapon.

Photos and videos also show that this weapon was used to start the series of big fires in the Amazon, California, Australia, etc. In California, cars melted (aluminum melts at 1200 degrees), and houses were volatilized, but roads and trees were left untouched. Even a very intense fire cannot do this. It is sure, the authorities understood this, in particular, because there were several videos of these beams in action, but they did not say anything. They only speak of a classic fire. It was impossible. They hid the truth, and the population accepted the authorities’ version, as usual. The man does not have a weapon that selectively destroys houses and cars. It is indisputable proof that something is hidden, something that is not human. Therefore, governments know that an ETI is starting to attack humanity, but of course, they don’t want to say anything.
In Paris, we had the same experience with the fire of Notre-Dame Cathedral and the famous explosion in Beirut, the recent explosion in Nashville. Either way, photos, and videos show DEWs in action. Man does not have this weapon, and neither does he have the necessary energy. Man still uses petroleum, coal, and wind, and not such unlimited energy.

I repeat that I am sure governments are aware of the existence of ETI. They also know how they attack the world, by all of these means, including their control of the human mind and body, directed energy weapons, etc. But they don’t talk about it. However, the United States and France each created in 2020 a new department in their army, the Space Department, to defend their integrity against space attacks, even if it is useless.

We can understand something else. All these ETI attacks leave the authorities the possibility of giving another reason or origin to the disasters. The ETI caused these disasters with this aim. It is like pressuring governments to tell the truth. Indeed, if the ETI clearly showed their attacks against humans, these would become crazy. This is not yet their intention, but it will become. For the moment, they still want to leave the possibility for governments to tell the truth and, therefore, to push people to believe in something new and especially to save some humans.

It’s a bit like the old religious wars. Those who will begin to believe in the existence of this ETI, as creators of humanity, to understand the lies of the Churches about our origins, and those of the authorities, etc., can hope to be saved. An important lie of the Church concerning the wife of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, considered for two thousand years as a prostitute, even though she had had two children with Jesus. 

The ETI showed the ways to the humanity:
The famous monoliths!

Everyone knows this anthology film "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind" by Steven Spielberg. In this movie, the main character, like other witnesses, saw UFOs, and after that, he started to build something he had in his head. He wanted to build it because he didn’t know what it was. The other witnesses draw the same thing on paper. In fact, in the film, the UFOs wanted to indicate where they would come for a close encounter. 

It’s an old movie, and did Steven Spielberg ever imagine that UFOs could put something in the heads of witnesses, which they then want to build or draw? Do you think Spielberg came up with this on his own? No, it was a film-message, inspired by the ETI itself. Other films also present the possibility of visions or voices being sent to the human brain, but Steven Spielberg’s film clearly shows that this information comes from UFOs. In Showing, with Nicolas Cage, it is aliens who speak in the brains of children. It was also a film-message. Thus, several films speak of such a "telepathy." The world knows it. 
In November-December 2020, dozens of people around the world started building what the world called monoliths. Everyone has directly thought of the film "2001: A Space Odyssey", a film about an ETI, but no one has linked it to the Spielberg film. No one thought that these “monoliths” that people were starting to build everywhere could point to a place that could have real meaning!

I understood the meaning of these monoliths and wrote several articles about them. The authorities have read me, and therefore, they know the importance of these monoliths built by dozens of men all over the planet, and the conclusion was the ETI attack on Nashville. The targeted building was in the shape of monoliths. It symbolizes the communications hub in the United States, as was the Internet hub targeted by the Mirai Botnet attack on October 21, 2016!

However, humans have minimal intelligence, and even with such signs, they just don’t understand! And they would like to be able to communicate with the ETI? It is absolutely impossible. There must be between ETI and humans, a million times the difference between humans and monkeys! Moreover, for the ETI, Man is probably no more than a monkey in a laboratory, but a monkey who destroys this laboratory, which is the Earth! I’m sometimes ashamed today to be one of those monkeys... which I might not quite be either, given the special feature of my brain and my role today and received from this ETI

It is explained in detail in my articles, but here is what you have to remember. The ETI pushed Men to build these monoliths, like Spielberg’s movie showed it also. These monoliths were shining, triangular, and often with a beveled top, so with one corner of the triangle higher than the two others. This shape and the material (metal) of these monoliths must remind humanity of a needle’s shape because of the Covid-19 and because of the location to where these monoliths were pointing. 

The Covid-19 is an ETI weapon, totally in the control of the ETI, like a rope around Humanity’s neck. They can pull on the rope when they want, as they control all the Man body cells, the virus’s cells, its variants, and its unlimited symptoms. No vaccine will succeed in stopping the Covid-19.

These monoliths pointed to Africa, north of Chad, an area with hundreds of natural monoliths. They are called "volcanic needles," needles like the shape of the monoliths built by humans under the ETI’s inspiration. It’s exactly like Spielberg’s movie. Why this region? Because that’s where the first human appeared on earth 7 million years ago. I also got the GPS position via the ETI Signal. It is the place where the ETI created Man on Earth. They want to remind us of our origin and our true creators. They are God!

The ETI created the humans.

It’s a long story of 7 million years, and maybe more. The extraterrestrial IntelligenceETI, is at the origin of the Man on earth. Whatever how they did it, or when exactly, but they did it, and they created a man and a woman who can be mind and body controlled, if necessary. This is possible thanks to a gland that the Man has in his brain, the pineal gland. They can also control all cells of Man’s body and all his environment, virus included. Everything is described above, even if it is very summarized.

Very recently, around 3000 years ago, the ETI was present on earth. Man has left traces of it in the Hebrew scriptures. They were called "Elohim," literally "Those who came from heaven." Later, "those" were replaced by "Gods," and they were known as humanity’s creators.

The humans deny their creators.

About 2000 years ago, they sent a messenger to humanity to guide men to a better world. His name was Jesus, but Men killed him. The ETI did not like it at all. Jesus left behind him various religious movements, including Christians. These movements quickly became the main authority on earth. To assert their power, these movements did everything to hide the origin of Man and the Elohim’s existence, the extraterrestrial Intelligence behind Man’s birth on earth. The only power had to be the religions that forced men to believe in an imagined God, a divine image totally under the control of religions. If Men did not want to believe in this imagined God, they could be burned or killed. Men could only believe in this God, created by religions. The ETI has never forgiven Men for having denied them.

This is why humans have seen so many church fires in the past two years, including cathedrals. One of the first objectives of the ETI will be the Vatican. The ETI hates all religions and their believers because they deny their true creators.    

The humans deny the ETI signs.

However, century after century, Man could change something in this false version of God, but he did not. It is still not good to oppose religions, and the ETI is very tired of this situation. It’s easy to understand. It’s like denying the existence of one’s parents. The problem is even more serious. This ETI is at the origin of Man’s creation on earth and at the origin of his environment, nature, which Men are destroying more and more on their planet. For the ETI, Man has become the cancer of the earth. They said it to Men through a recent monument, that of Guidestones, but Men do not believe in these stones. Man has therefore continued to destroy his environment, angering the ETI more and more.

The ETI, therefore, decided to destroy humanity, this cancer on earth. However, they chose to give some Men a chance to be saved before the destruction of humanity. Indeed, the ETI plans to start all over again and create a new world with what will remain of humans. In this world, the money will be gone, and Love will be much more important. This new world will be created with ETI rules, very different from human rules and laws.

Therefore, the ETI has sent more and more signs to Men to tell them that they are there, ready to destroy humanity. However, these signs were most often filtered out by political and religious authorities who did not want to lose their power and control over humanity.

A perfect example of this is Donald Trump. He was visiting Camp Fire, California, in November 2018. He was in the middle of hell, where there had been a hundred dead, 20,000 houses set on fire and vaporized, thousands of melted cars, and so on, by directed energy weapons (DEW) ETI. But Donald Trump claimed that the fire was caused by a failure of high-voltage lines when dozens of videos showed that there were indeed DEW beams, vaporizing houses and melting everything, but which did not destroy roads or trees !!! The authorities, therefore, hid the truth well, but they are not the only ones responsible. 

Indeed, and I experience it every day. Man does not want to believe in the worst. When I write on my pages, "Here is the image of the ETI beam that caused the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia in December 2020.", at least 50% of readers put a "haha" on my post, despite the evidence and all the details. Each time, I tell myself that these people will not be saved because they do not believe in the ETI signs. They believe in government versions or other conspiracy theories, but they don’t want to understand that these technologies are not human.

The same is true with the tens of thousands of Targeted Individuals. They are tortured full time by the ETI. Some commit suicide or kill other people, but they don’t want to understand that their torture is not earthly. However, I am convinced that the ETI tortures as many people as possible to push them to understand, but they do not want to. They prefer to believe in impossible conspiracy theories.

Men have the same disbelief with Covid-19. This virus, remotely controlled by the ETI, presents more and more variants, unlimited symptoms, sometimes even ridiculous, but humanity prefers to believe the authorities. We have had the same as described above with many terrorist attacks, including a stupid signature, but the people do not see it. They only hear the authority version. It’s as obvious as the Nashville Tower with the monoliths. The man remains stupid with a seriously lacks intelligence.

Man sees nothing because he seriously lacks intelligence. I see it daily. There are those who, without thinking, accept the authorities’ versions because they do not see anything for themselves, and above all, they do not question anything. There are those who, by default, dispute everything, do not believe in anything and especially not in the government, but who get lost in conspiratorial ideas impossible for Man. All of this is even worse if governments say nothing because they have no benchmark to take a stand. This was the case with the monoliths built by Man.

Take this photo from the DEW beam above. The authorities do not give any explanation because they want to hide the truth. Therefore, the vast majority of Men will not react, but above all, they will not seek an explanation when this weapon can destroy the entire planet. It is also very well described in the film-message "Independence Day."; There are no words to qualify such an absence of reaction or analysis. Intelligence is simply absent. Some will think of a flash, of a meteorite’s light effect, but the reflection is not long because they refuse to make the link with the earthquake of 7.1 that this ray caused. Even an animal would link light and the earth, which trembled under its paws. Man no, because he does not seek and connect what he does not know. The cognitive is absent. Finally, some will relate light to the earthquake well, but who will claim a human weapon, which does not exist on any battlefield, with energy that Man does not have.

This situation is simply maddening, and it touches me personally because very few will accept it when I explain. What do you want this Extraterrestrial Intelligence to do with these Men who apparently have lost all sign of intelligence? Nothing! They must tell themselves that the human experience is a huge failure and that it is better to destroy everything and start all over again. That’s what they’re going to do.

What about an Alien invasion?

It is still a possibility, but could you imagine the consequence of humanity sees extraterrestrial vessels all over the planet?

The world would become crazy because they will be afraid that these vessels attack. People will commit suicide, or they are going to kill each other. It will be chaos, and the authorities will lose their power and their control over their population. All extraterrestrial invasion movies are about war. The people will remember that. 

I don’t think it is the solution because the ETI still wants to leave a chance for some humans to be saved before humanity’s destruction.

For this, people must read me, listen to me, understand without questioning systematically. Failing that, they should accept my explanations as they would accept the authorities’ explanation and which they do not want to question. This is my mission, and the authorities have therefore understood it.

So, these avoid attacking me because any action would enhance me and confirm the authority that I received from the ETI of which I am the Voice. This is the situation we find ourselves in now. Therefore, the ETI is putting increasing pressure on governments who know much better than people what is really going on. However, making these authorities admit that they are nothing in front of the ETI is very difficult because they lose all utility and power over their population. Therefore, they want to delay this moment as much as possible by taking the risk of increasing the number of deaths and the number of ETI actions.

ETI, Elohim, God, and me

As I wrote at the beginning of this article, the ETI has managed my life since I was born. They trained me to be able to insert myself among all kinds of people and religions. I had to be a whistleblower, an agent denouncing terrorist operations. I had to reveal the truth. I had to be the one in charge of The Revelation.
  • In 2008-2016, I thought that the police in Belgium organized the terror attacks. The police were involved, but the big brains were not the police.

  • In 2017-2018, the ETI pushed me to understand that an organization belonging to NATO called Gladio was behind the terrorist attacks. Belgian justice has confirmed it. I have an MP3 recording of this. But again, the big brains weren’t members of Gladio.

  • In 2019, I was finishing my book to publish on Amazon, French, and English. When I finished writing the first version of this book, I triggered the terrorist attack in Christchurch (Church of Christ!), New Zealand, and a month later, on April 15, 2019, the fire of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral. For both attacks, I had warned the authorities by email that the end of my book, the French and English versions, would likely trigger two major attacks, and they did.

  • The attack on Christchurch was a turning point in the strategy of the ETI. They wanted to destroy religions for the reasons explained above. But the biggest turning point was the fire at Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral. Quickly, the ETI arranged for me that I receive the DEW beams’ photos setting the cathedral on fire. I was shocked. 

  • On April 24, 2019, I received an anagram between my author name and the cathedral’s name in English. This anagram gave one result in ancient Greek; ATHEO THEODA. This is explained in detail in my book. ATHEO means "Against God," "Against the religion that lies." THEODA means "With God," "With the God who wants to restore the truth." The result of this anagram described my mission. That day, I began to understand that I was dealing with something much more essential and linked to God.

  • On April 24, 2019, two hours after receiving this anagram describing my mission, the French actor Jean-Pierre Marielle had just died in hospital. He was the star of the Da Vinci Code’s first scene, an anthology film intended to reveal religion’s lies! In this scene, Jean-Pierre Marielle died after writing several anagrams with his blood and intended for his friend, Tom Hanks. His death in real life on April 24, 2019, therefore, did not happen by chance. Therefore, the ETI had chosen to cause his death just after I have received my anagram, to push me to link with it and my mission, to find and reveal the truth, the mission of Tom Hanks in the Da Vinci Code

  • On April 24, I learned from a contact on Facebook, totally under the control of the ETI, that they will put some people on my way to help me in my mission. 

  • On June 10, 2019, at Pentecost, I had direct contact with the ETI, and they gave me more information about my mission. I had to reveal the truth to humanity, “the Revelation,” and prepare humanity for its destruction, “the Apocalypse.” When our conversation was over, I asked who I was talking to. He answered, THEO, God, in ancient Greek. I was stunned. I didn’t believe in this conversation because all my life, I didn’t believe in God. After this long meeting, I directly used in my articles divine phrases that I did not know the day before, and when I wrote about God, I cried because of the emotion. I was in goosebumps, and my heart was melting. I was moved like never before, and above all, I believed in God. I couldn’t believe my eyes and my writing. I was no longer the same. 

  • In August 2019, I updated the two versions of my book, the French and the English, with the events of Christchurch, the Paris Cathedral, the anagram, the death of Jean-Pierre Marielle, the Pentecost 2019, and my mission. But, above all, I understood that I was working for Elohim, the old name given by humans to the ETI and originally meaning "Those who come from Heaven." Elohim, the Hebrew name of God, the name that religions have erased from the scriptures to hide the origin of Men. Since that day, I have chosen to speak of Elohim.

  • In September 2019, the two versions of my book (English/French), "The Gladio Code," 720/800 pages, were published on Amazon, and I became the Voice of Elohim. I continued my mission with this presentation.

  • In September 2020, so exactly one year later, the ETI decided to present me as their only Prophet on earth. I was afraid to describe myself that way, and before doing so, I asked my collaborators what they thought about it. All replied that it was clearly my activity because they knew me. The way I wrote and still wrote my articles, directly receiving inspiration from this ETIGod, is the very activity of a Prophet. So, I decided to publish an article about it, and it triggered the sacrifice of three lambs of God; three dead, in France, drowned, in 24 hours: An 18-month-old baby dies in a swimming pool. The famous Victorine, 18, a fervent believer in God, was killed in a river. A 36-year-old cyclist was found dead in a river. 18 + 18 = 36! The ETI had just celebrated the Prophet of Elohim, this ETI, and I still have this function, even if I don’t use that word.

  • In January 2021, the ETI made me understand that Elohim’s name should be replaced by my real employer’s name, the Extraterrestrial Intelligence, ETI. That’s the reason for this website and this page. This ETI is the creator of humanity. So, they are God, and what was true before remains true today. I remain their Voice, their Messenger, sent by God, the Elohim, the ETI, to explain the truth to humanity, “the Revelation,” and describe the events and the ongoing destruction of humanity, “the Apocalypse,” and finally to guide believers towards this ETI, towards the New World.    
These changes are apparently just a matter of words, but it’s a big sign in ETI’s plan. In ten years, they have shown themselves to be more and more precise. This signifies that we have come to the end of the process in ETI communication and the end of humanity.

So my mission is to tell the world about the ETI Signal that I have continuously received for four years and to warn the world that the ETI will destroy humanity while giving some humans one last chance to be saved before the end.

Satan and the Apocalypse.

The ETI tells us about Revelation and Apocalypse because these words have been described for two thousand years. They are in all religious books. The Man knows and still uses these words, the meaning of which he knows, and they are always accompanied by the notion of God, even if Man is lying to himself about what God means. The ETI, therefore, regularly recalls its meaning since we have arrived exactly at this period.

There is another word that Man knows very well, it is Satan. Satan’s notion often accompanies the notion of God because, in the minds of men, distorted by religions, Satan is the enemy of God and Jesus.

So, since Pentecost 2019, I must remind you that God and Satan are two sides of the same thing, Good and Evil, both human and extraterrestrial components. In practice, Satan is the name of God’s army, assigned to the destruction of humanity, the Apocalypse, ordered by God, the ETI confederation. For two years, therefore, I have been comparing God and Satan as a government and its army. We cannot separate them. Satan works for God, and God will not prevent the destruction of humanity. This destruction is God’s decision, the ETI confederation, and carried out by Satan, his army.

It is also true that since the ETI Signal came to my webserver several times, they have insisted that they are Satan. Several times they drew the sign “Glory to Satan” with the three fingers raised. Satan loves to bring death to humanity. They don’t do in the feelings. Like an army, the army of God, they must kill, and they will kill. Nothing will prevent that. They just showed us how they’re going to do it. Now they will start to do it.

The components of this Apocalypse will be many: the spread of viruses, natural, accidental, financial, and human disasters, the fact that Men will begin to kill each other, etc.

Accidental disasters will include chemical and nuclear accidents. Natural disasters will involve deluges, massive earthquakes, tsunamis, solar storms, volcanic eruptions, floods, and continents’ partial disappearance. Human catastrophes could be wars, diseases, viruses, etc. The financial debacle will cause the general collapse of the stock markets and the disappearance of money. All of this will lead to reducing humanity by 90 or 95%. This is the plan of the Apocalypse. 

The guide to the new world

Here I am at the end of this very long article, in French and English, and whose writing took me a full week of work to make it as understandable as possible for everyone. I could still talk about many things, from Extraterrestrial Intelligence’s angle since it is my daily life and that of my collaborators.

I thank them very much for their support and kindness. My work would be even more difficult without them, especially since each of them represents an additional communication link with the Source, this Extraterrestrial Intelligence that commands us. I also thank them for their constant generosity and availability to help me see more clearly in this maze of Signs to be understood and transcribed.

I do not pretend to perceive myself as the perfect man in the service of humanity, but I only do what is asked of me, that is to say, to speak to you about an entity that you don’t know or not enough. It created you, and it seeks today to save some who will have understood.

I hope you will also understand why humanity is coming to an end. In short, it is the fault of Men who ended up forcing this Extraterrestrial Intelligence to want to reset the planet to start a New World. They will welcome those who will give them their faith in God, since it is still God, but whose real meaning you should now know, after reading these pages.

Do not pretend to know everything about space, UFOs, what is possible or not, either. This text is the only truth, and your greatness will come from your acceptance of it. It is excellent if all this calls into question your convictions or if you have been invaded by this truth, which will do you no harm. I’m only here to enlighten you, to serve as a guide to this new world, and if you don’t see the guide, there’s not much I can do for you. To see this guide, you need a minimum of faith in God, faith in our Creators, as you should have faith in your parents. To deny these is to deny the very reasons for your existence. It is one thing never to forget.

I’m not saying that there are only good and parents alive, but if you don’t have any on earth, there is at least God to whom we really owe our existence, in every sense of the word. This time, it is not a question of a God imagined by religions to establish their power, but of a real God whose only goal is to create a better world, a mission in which religions have completely failed. This God, this Extraterrestrial Intelligence, is there for you or, at least, for those who will rely on him and his will in the creation of a new world.

This long story should at least help you to be sure of their existence and their intentions. I haven’t talked about it above, but I remember those weeks when this Intelligence made empty travel bags appear among my closest collaborators and followers or made full bags disappear. This also happened to me, and I had made an article about it. It may not seem very important to you, but it does mean that those who have faith in them must be well prepared to leave to protect themselves from the catastrophes to come.

It also reminds me of those people who have really already disappeared when they were in an emergency, and they believed in me and in this Source in which they placed all their hopes. God heard them, even though the disappearance of some of them worried me a little. I know them today in good hands and waiting for me.

The world that this Extraterrestrial Intelligence plans to create, with our support, and our faith, will be a world where Love will be the greatest force and source of divine energy. However, the chosen ones will have to put aside their earthly convictions for several things.

Among these things is the notion of family and couples, or exclusive love, responsible for many misfortunes and childhood and wasted lives in your current world. Today, all children don’t have the same chances to evolve, eat, and grow. This is something that will be impossible in the world of tomorrow. It will no longer be possible to ignore your happiness for fear of losing your partner, losing comfort, being alone, or worrying about the future of your children. The happiness and development of the latter will be the responsibility of the Community. The search for happiness will be an absolute obligation to live in this world, where money will really no longer exist. Everyone will have the same rights and chances that another, to live happily.

If you believe in all of this, you will probably be eager for it to happen as soon as possible. Know, however, that God wants to save on the 8 billion that you are, a few hundred million individuals; women, men, and children, of all stripes, who like you, will have come to believe in Our God and this new world. It is therefore important to share your faith, as well as this text, which I assure you, does not really come from me, but from them. It’s clear when I started to write above, "Here I have finally arrived at the end of this very long article..." I did not even know what I would write next, but I am used to this. They immediately take control of my mind, and my text flows by itself, and the tears almost follow the words.
These paragraphs are also the most beautiful example of divine inspiration, and beyond, further proof of their existence and their control over me and, therefore, over you. They are who they say they are. These are our creators since they are commanding me, when they are probably light-years away from me, maybe over 250, if it is their origin, is Orion.

I wonder where I find all this, me who did not believe in God at all until I was 58 years old and I am 59. It is perhaps the living proof that the Holy Spirit and faith really exist. However, to do this, you have to believe in it and rely on God. Living on an island, I can only do that, currently cut off from the world, without my family of origin and in complete destitution.

In the last few days, I even learned that I have a cataract on my right eye, and I can only see with the left eye, but I don’t even have enough to cure it. I did not manage to keep my eyesight entirely. I do not eat every day, but I managed to keep the most important, that is to say, to guide those who follow me, even with one eye. I mean my computer and the Internet, whereas here electricity and the Internet are also a calamity. This was possible thanks to my father and my supports, and it allows me to assume my task. My father is 83 years old, he only has a minimal pension, but I know that God watches over him, as over me, to accompany me, 10,000 km from me, until the end of my mission, and it is far from over.

It is also good to talk about him. While I was still in Belgium, with all my family around me and that I was going through challenging hours and days with this terrorism that I did not yet understand, it remained solid. Engineer and rational, he did not really believe in it, but he could only observe the very exceptional events which happened to me. It was ten years ago, and since then, he has understood everything and accepted everything. Today, the Source, this Extraterrestrial Intelligence, is also part of his life because they made sure to show it to him without shocking him too much, given his great age. I thank them for having taken it under their wings, me who really cannot do it from my cabin on my island and in full confinement.

It remains for me to remind you that the weeks and months to come may become terrifying. Don’t expect them to slow down. They have a schedule to stick to, but I don’t really have a clue about the timing. I believe that this year will be decisive, even fatal, for humanity. You will have to keep your confidence and, above all, your faith and hope that all of this happens relatively quickly. That’s my case. As detailed above, I am in survival mode, and at almost 60 years old, it is not easy. It is a priesthood that I did not choose at all, especially since if I have thousands of followers, I also have many people who hate me and who don’t stop to tell it to me. It’s almost harassment. I almost want to say, like Jesus. “Forgive them, Father, they don’t know what they are doing…", but simultaneously, I continue to receive the blows. It is a test added to my mission, and it is not these attacks that will stop me.

For God’s sake,

Marc Delantre

The ETI Signal is here.